Hunter Annual General Meeting 2006 Minutes
28th March 2006, 18:00 pm, Henley Midmar Yacht Club

Committee Members: Colin Hay, Jessica Lenz, Tony Cockerill, Mike Dann

Apologies: Rob Barker, Dave Claxton, Frank Lenz

The outgoing chairman opened meeting at 18H10 where the minutes of last meeting were accepted - Herbie Karolius proposed and Tony Cockerill seconded.

Charman’s Report (Colin Hay):
The chairman reported that the class has been healthy with several boats changing hands. The bridge selection problems forced on us by SAS had been handled by Jessica. Chris Frost was last years champion.

There were only four boats at the Northvaal and although there wasn’t a good turnout there were reasonable winds. The event clashed for those training for Lipton Cup and the sailing of the Mauritius race. The Mpumalanga Champs also didn’t have a great turnout but there were reasonable winds.

Sadly, last year a Hunter sailor, Kurt Ostendorf went down with the Moqueni, he was a measurer in KZN. The class sent flowers to the family. Alan Maddon kindly donated a picture which was raffled at the 2006 Nationals to raise money for the Moqueni Trust.

Support for the 2006 Hunter Nationals has been fantastic – 34 entries. The Hunter Class has had more than 30 boats at the nationals for more than seven years. The class is healthy and seems to be growing.

Treasurer’s Report (Jessica Lenz):
The treasurer mentioned that despite initial financial difficulties due to the cost of the masts, the accounts were looking healthier.

The raffle of the outboard engine donated by Lester Johnstone and Dicky Manten raised R3,000 for the class. The Schneider sponsorship brought in R7,000 in it’s first year, R4,000 last year and again R7,000 this year.

On completing the nationals last year VCA charged the class R200 for petrol and R4,900 for the Class dinner and drinks for the mark-layers. We got back to a bank balance of R12,000.

SAS no longer requires the 5% levy on sponsorship and the class invested R4,500 on a digital scale for weighing boats. This has left R7,600 in the bank. Midmar charged R150 per boat.

The Hunter accounts were no longer being run by SAS so members were asked to please pay their class fees at the beginning of each year, directly into the class bank account and then let the treasurer (Jessica Lenz) know.

The treasurer suggested that we start looking at budgeting for the next Nationals and try to build up some cash reserve.

Schneider could increase sponsorship and may get involved in branding of the Hunter Class clothing. Barry Ogilvie said that the Schneider sponsorship should be used on the class members and should not be used to enrich any club or used to build the class reserves. Its intention was to provide for a great Nationals. This was discussed further and the cost of the event at Midmar had exceeded the sponsorship.

Paul Changuion agreed to takeover the running of the website at the same cost as was being paid to Dave Claxton. He planned to change the domain hosting and asked that the current website “electronic signatories” need to give their permission for this to be done. Paul felt the e-mail list of all class members was very important – Mike Dann to forward all the information to Paul.

Election of Office Bearers:
Tony Cockerill was elected chairman, Colin Hay was unable to continue serving as chairman – thanks to Colin.
Jessica Lenz agreed to continue as treasurer – thanks Jessica.
Terry Pratt elected as secretary – Mike Dann no longer able to be secretary.

Simon Farrington, Frank Lenz and Andrew Edwards to be measurers at the Vaal Dam.
Dave Martinson and Colin Hay to be measurers at Witbank.
Rob Barker and Mark Stockhausen to be measurers at Midmar.

Nationals 2007:
Next nationals will be held at Witbank Yacht Club. Saturday 24th March for travelling and boat measurement. Sailing Sunday 25th to Tuesday 20th March. Packing away and travelling home Wednesday 21st March (Human Right’s Day).

Class rules need to be updated to take into account the change in size of sail numbers as well as the requirement for the sail number to appear on both sides of the spinnaker.

A proposal was made to change the Genoa material to Pentex to make the sail cheaper. Simon Farrington was against as he said Pentex not suitable for an overlapping sail and would not be cost effective. Chris Frost suggested exotic materials were lower cost over a longer time but proposed remaining as is. Barry Ogilvie also suggested status quo.

All boats to be measured before the next nationals and a proposal was accepted to create a register of boats weights and with the corrector weights. This to be started and updated for all boats at the next Nationals. Dave Martinson proposed that boats be reweighed every three years.

The new scale would be in the custody of the class chairman.

Class Clothing/Regalia:
General discussion where it was agreed that we could have golf shorts, fleecy tops and caps, ideally well before the next Nationals. Niel Ellingson offered to look into costs of clothing.

Brandon Smith and Jessica Lenz proposed that the number of races at the Nationals be increased to 12 or more. On a vote it was 9 votes for 12 races and 9 votes for 10 races. On the chairmans deciding vote the number of races was kept at 10.

A request was made that future Nationals hosts make sure that there are more than enough moorings.

A suggestion was made to stop conforming with the SAS approved race officer requirement. After some discussion it was agreed that the Hunter Class would abide by the SAS requirement. It was also suggested that perhaps two mark laying boats should be used in the future although it was pointed out that this should be the Race Officer’s decision.

Herbie Karolius had lots of good works and encouragement for the juniors sailing in the fleet and donated a junior trophy to be awarded at the next Nationals.

The chairman closed the meeting with thanks to all.