Hunter Annual General Meeting 2009 Minutes
Midmar yacht club on 20th March 2009

Chairman : D A Schön
Secretary : K I Vennell
Treasurer : J Lenz

1) Welcome
a. The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming everybody and thanking
HMYC for allowing the hunter class to hold the AGM at their club house.


2) Apologises
a. Apologises were received from Friz Van Kempor


3) Minutes
a. Minutes of the previous AGM which were posted on the notice board were
taken as read. The acceptance of the minutes was proposed by Jessica Lenz
and seconded by Barry Hundley


4) Chairman’s report
a. The Chairman gave a brief review of the years activities.


5) Treasurers Report
a. The treasurer report that at present the association and approximately
R22 000 in the bank.
b. Some sponsorship money had been received but that money goes direct
towards the club hosting the Nationals and does not come thought the hands
of the treasurer.
c. All members are requested to pay their fees direct to the class association
not to SA Sailing.
d. The monies paid out for the hoisting and maintenance of the website was
approved. The fees for the coming year remain the same.
e. Class association subs were unaltered.


6) Technical Committee Report
a. Sail window sizes
i. A discussion centred around the need to have increase window sizes
was held. The primary objective of the change was to improve safety
by increasing visibility. It was approved that the class rules be
amended to allow
1. An option of a window 0.9 to 1 square meter in the lower
third of the Genoa. Final size to be determined by
measurement and the technical committee.
2. An Option of a 0.5m2 window on the main sail
3. An option of a spreader viewing window
4. No part of the window should be closer than 100mm from any
edge of the sail
b. Hiking
i. The conclusion on the discussion around hiking was that the present
rules were fine. Hiking is allowed but no devices be allowed to hold
the body outside the boat.
c. Moulds
i. The Situation regarding the ownership of the one and only existing set
of hull and deck mould was discussed. In a heated and lengthy
discussion regarding the ownership and rights of the parties, namely
Chris Frost and Rob Samways,that claimed ownership of the moulds, a
number of options and suggestions were tabled.
ii. The conclusion of the meeting was that the parties involved would
need to meet to settle the present impasse as both parties had the
best interest of the class association at heart.
d. New Boats
i. A lot of discussion was held regarding the building of new boats,
possible changes to the existing deck moulds and lay up options. The
principle or consensus of the floor was that whilst it was imperative
that new boats are built, the danger of making a large part of the fleet
uncompetitive through a radical changes must not be allowed to
ii. In light the of the questions and changing circumstances around this
issue it was agreed that the meeting would not be in a position to
decide or vote on issues that clearly need allot of further homework
and consultation.
e. Powers of the Technical committee.
i. It was voted and agreed upon by all that the Technical committee
would have the power to make changes to the class without approval
at the Annual general meeting.
ii. The technical committee would consist of 5 members of good
standing. The member to have the requisite experience in rules and
technical matters.
iii. Any changes to the class rules had to be passed by a simple majority
of the 5 members of the committee.
iv. Class rules changes would be effective when published by the
v. All changes would be published on the website and circulated as wide
as possible.
vi. The technical committee also had the power to approve class
recognised boat build builders.


7) Election of Office Bearers
a. The meeting voted the following members to the following offices :‐
i. Chairman : Paul Changuin
ii. Treasurer: Jessica Lenz
iii. Secretary : Sandy Ostendorf
iv. Class Measures:
1. Andrew Edwards
2. Dave Martinson
3. Frank lenz
4. Hank Pike
5. Colin Hay ( Measurement stamp requested by Colin)
v. Technical Committee
1. Tony Cockerill
2. Dave Martinson
3. Paul Changuin
4. Robin Mcintosh
5. Andrew Edwards


8) Nationals 2010
a. In keeping with the tradition of rotating the national venue the 2010 Hunter
Class nations was awarded to Witbank yacht club


9) General
a. Mast Blanks
i. Tony Cockerill has one mast blank left
b. Tacktic and velocitek (GPS based electronic )instruments.
i. Present rules do not preclude such instruments and it was the
consensus of the meeting that they are allowed within the present class


10) There being no further business the meeting was closed by the chairman at 7.23pm
who thanked everybody for their constructive input to the meeting.
Signed by
D A Schön K I Vennell
Class Chairman Class Secretary