Hunter Annual General Meeting 2010 Minutes
Witbank Yacht Club on Sunday, 21st March 2010

P Changuion (Chairman) J Lenz (Treasurer)
R Samways J Quinn
P Metcalfe B Ogilvie
L Wagner C Hay
N Ellingson P Smit
J Bruckmann H Pike
K Kirkman M Patrick
T Duguid A Arbuckle
M Orren T Cockerill
B van Dam T Hulleman
A Daly K Vennell
H Karolius S Nel
K Harvey R Harvey
N Abendeth K Lovell
D Martinson S Samways (Secretary)

1. Welcome
Mr Changuion welcomed everyone to the 2010 Hunter Class Association and thanked Witbank Yacht Club for hosting.

2. Apologies
A Schon and C Frost


3. Minutes of the previous meeting - 20 March 2009
The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by H Karolius and seconded by A Daly.


4. Matters Arising from Previous Meeting - 20 March 2009
There were no matters arising from the previous meeting.


5. Chairman’s Report
Mr Changuion said that the class had continued to see an increase in club racing at HMYC, but could not confirm that this was happening at a national level. He said that plans were afoot to put the new SB 19 boats on the water, which would be both competitive and affordable. Allowing the technical committee to make decisions without bringing everything to an AGM had assisted in dealing with technical aspects. Jessica Lenz reported that there had been a good turnout of boats for the Grand slams, but due to the lack of wind this turned into a non-event.


6. Treasurer’s Report
J Lenz reported on the following:
Presently there is R23538.14 in the bank account, although this does not include the money due for the Mpumalanga Champs which should take the balance closer to R27 000.
R1000 is due to R Cook, but Jessica has been unable to contact him.
It was proposed, seconded and accepted that the class membership be increased to R120 and that invoices will be sent out when fees are due. This would come into effect immediately. It was agreed that the youth fees will remain at R60. The financial year and subs would be due on 1st March every year.
It was proposed, seconded and accepted that R50 of all entry fees would be given to the Class Association. During the regattas, the host club would decide and be responsible for all entertainment.
The website charge would remain unchanged.


7. Technical Report
The following was reported, discussed and accepted by the meeting:
Full Length Batten – The maximum length of 920mm would be allowed with the pocket remaining where it was.
Keel Templates – There would be a template for the new boats and existing owners would be able to have new keels fitted according to these templates.
Sails – It was agreed that sails shall be of woven material or a polyester type sail cloth commercially available to all sail lofts. No membrane or string laminates are allowed.
Rudder Templates – Templates to be made up and if affordable one for each region should be made.
Masts – The class was running out of masts and all new masts would have to come from a Class Association approved dye. Present masts would still be accepted as long as they complied with the class association rules and not masts could be imported privately. KV suggested that like the keel and rudders, the masts should only be available through the approved boat builder and class association.


8.1 Chairman – Accepted unopposed – Mr P Changunion
8.2 Treasurer – Accepted unopposed – Ms J Lenz
8.3 Secretary – Accepted unopposed – Mrs S Samways
8.4 Class Measurers – Andrew Edwards
Dave Martinson
Frank Lenz
Hank Pike
Colin Hay
All Class Measurers were accepted.
8.5 Technical Committee – The following were proposed and accepted.
J Bruckmann
T Cockerill
D Martinson
P Changunion
L Wagner


Two proposals were presented for the holding of the Nationals in 2011 and it was accepted that the 2011 Nationals would be held at DAC, which Mr Hulleman said would be at no cost to the Class Association. This event would take place during the weekend of 19th – 21st March 2011.


No items for discussion
There being no further business, the meeting closed at 7.30pm and the chairman thanked everyone for their attendance.
Signed by:
Mr P Changuion Mrs S Samways
Class Chairman Class