Hunter Annual General Meeting 2011 Minutes
Witbank Yacht Club on Sunday, 20st March 2011

P Changuion (Chairman)                                                                       J Lenz (Treasurer)
P Metcalfe                                                                                                  B  Ogilvie
L Wagner                                                                                                     C Hay             
J Bruckmann                                                                                              H Pike
K Kirkman                                                                                                   T Duguid       
T Cockerill                                                                                                   T Hulleman  
K Vennell                                                                                                    H Karolius                    
D Martinson                                                                                               S Mathew 
R Soloman                                                                                                  Mary Soloman
A Ellens                                                                                                        R McEntosh
Mark Hultzon                                                                                            James King  
H Karolsut                                                                                                   J Lenz
J Busschan                                                                                                  Nigel Milln
G Genlloud


1. Welcome

Mr Changuion welcomed everyone to the 2010 Hunter Class Association and thanked DAC  for hosting.


2. Apologies

R Samways & R Hill


3. Minutes of the previous meeting – 20 March 2009

The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by L Wagner and seconded by H Karolsus.


4. Matters Arising from Previous Meeting- 20 March 2009

There were no matters arising from the previous meeting.


5. Chairman’s Report

Mr Changuion said that the class had continued to see a steady turnout out HMYC.  Vaal boats were encouraged to travel to other events. The nominated technical committee are doing a great job.   Sail development has been positive and will create longer lasting sails.  Paul proposed that the job as chairman should last 3 years and that a new candidate should be appointed next year.


6. Treasurer’s Report

 J Lenz reported on the following:

Presently there is R27,000 in the bank account, although this does not include the money due for the Mpumalanga Champs which should take the balance closer to R35,000. She said she will try send invoices out as reminders to members.

Were some proposals to change the timing of membership payments. Put to vote but members elected to leave the situation as is.


7. Technical Report

It was preposed that the appointed new builder for the following year would be Andreas from KZN, and he will try and secure two new orders for the next year to sustain the venture. Cost of new hull, deck with keel is approximately R45,000. Masts remain a problem and the technical committee will be responsible for appointing a new section.  The technical committee will also be responsible for new keel restriction measurements and will leave the rudder measurements diagram as it currently stands.



8.1  Chairman – Accepted unopposed – Mr P Changunion
8.2  Treasurer – Accepted unopposed – Ms J Lenz
8.3  Secretary – Accepted unopposed – Mrs M Soloman
8.4  Class Measurers – Andrew Edwards
Dave Martinson
Frank Lenz
Hank Pike
Colin Hay
M Sergison
T Guguid
All Class Measurers were accepted.

8.5  Technical Committee – The following were proposed and accepted.
J Bruckmann
T Cockerill
D Martinson
P Changunion
L Wagner



Two proposals were presented for the holding of the Nationals in 2012 and it was accepted that the  2012 Nationals would be held at HMYC during a similar time as this years event.



Paul Changuion mentioned that there will be a skipper exchange program between the Hunter Class SA and the Squib class in the UK.  The first guests will be from the UK at next years nationals to be held at HMYC.  This will be reciprocated by sailors from SA to the UK next year from the Squib National championships. 

It was suggested that use Mpumalanga’s as event to gain points as numbers so small at Vaal for a points event. It was also suggested that some Vaalboats live at Witbank so that the fleet can be developed there. The Witbank championships is to be requested by Paul Changuion as the provincial points regatta for the north region.

Mike Hayton is committed to having the Hunter scale repaired.

Masts situation is unresolved at this stage and the technical committee will find a way forward.


Signed by:

Mr P Changuion                                                                                Mrs M Soloman
Class Chairman                                                                                  Class Secretary