AGM 2021




24 APRIL 2021

Welcome Chairman:


Election of committee:

  • James King Chairman.

  • Barry Ogalvie Vice Chairman.

  • Jessica Lenz Treasurer.

  • Tony Cockerill KZN representative.

  • Pierre Van Rensburg Vaal representative.

Payment of monies to the Mistal Class Association.

  • It was unanimously voted that the Hunter Class would reimburse monies that where incorrectly paid into our account by SAS to the Mistral Class Association

Nationals 2022.

  • Moved back to March 19-21 long weekend.

  • Nationals 2022 to be held at Witbank.

  • Barry Ogalvie announced that there would be a sponsor for Nationals 202

  • Pierre Van Rensburg questioned whether our dates would not be in conflict with SAS proposed Sailing Extravaganza planned for later in 2022. Tony Cockrill pointed out that many Hunter sailors also sail other classes and it would therefore impact our Nationals numbers. It was voted that we would have our Nationals in March and support the SAS endeavor with a provincials.


  • Tony Cockerill apologized for the poor attendance of HMYC Hunter sailors at the 2021 Nationals at HMYC

  • James King mentioned that at some point the Hunter Class would have to have a more formal alignment with the Hunter Class at HBYC.

  • Graham Genloud suggested that the committee looks into ways in which we could better align ourselves with the HBYC fleet.

  • Barry Ogalvie suggested that we make reciprocal boats available between up country events and HBYC events for commuters. Just bring your own sails.

  • Barry Ogalvie has offered the services (free of charge) of WYAC administration to assist Jessica in the sending out of Class Association subs every year. This was voted on and accepted. Chairman to laisse with Jessica.

  • Tony Cockerill asked James King to present SAS with our revised constitution. The new constitution allows Hunter sailors access to more formal colours awards presented by SAS.


Meeting adjourned