AGM 2022



Witbank Aquatic & Yacht Club

20 March 2022

Welcome and Chairman’s report by James King

  • The Hunter phenomenon at HBYC in the W Cape had sparked the class into action

  • The class was looking to get its members committed to their boats and the condition of their boats so that we could see entries that start and finish all the races in class run events. i.e., Quality rather than quantity

  • Big thank you to the guys and girls that made the effort to attend the regatta from HBYC

  • The class needs to find ways to encourage the HBYC Hunter owners to join the class

  • A 50-boat fleet was on the horizon at HBYC

  • The class needs to prepare for the HBYC Hunter owners to take custody of the association

  • Can you imagine a 50-boat fleet at HBYC? A 60-70 boat National Championships then becomes a possibility

  • The Association must actively support the HBYC fleet

Adoption of previous minutes (Barry Ogalvie and Pierre Van Rensburg)

Treasures update and adoption of treasurer’s report (John Bruckmann and Graham Genloud)


Election of committee.

  • Chairman James King. (Jessica Rossouw and Andrew Edwards)

  • Vice Chairman James Ord (Barry Ogalvie and Andrew Wiese)

  • Jessica Rossouw Treasurer.

  • KZN representative Luke Wagner.

  • Vaal representative Pierre Van Rensburg.

  • Cape Representative James Ord

  • Witbank representative Craig Hay

  • PRO and Communications Kai Vennell

Hunter sailing HBYC

  • James King explained that the HB sailors don’t use number one foresails. Only blades and that James Ord would like the up-country boats to support a non-SAS sanctioned event sailing with blades at HB.

  • By a show of hands 9 up-country boats indicated a willingness to attend such an event

  • The meeting endorsed the organizing of such an event to the chair and vice chair

The Moulds

  • It was voted to keep the moulds under roof at HMYC

  • Luke Wagner is to retrieve the rudder moulds from Cape Town

  • Tony Cockerill presented an offer of R20000.00 on behalf of HMYC to the meeting for the container on condition the bits and pieces parts of the mould could be stored in the container. This was voted on and accepted by a vote of 24 Yay to sell and 6 Nay

  • Tony Cockerill said that building boats to expensive. We should rather concentrate on finding the over 300 boats built by Henry Vink

Class Measurers

  • Jessica Rossouw said that the class had spent R2000 on 5 new measurement stamps.

  • It was agreed that Theo Von would become a measurer in Cape Town and that James Ord would look to appoint another measurer. Possibly Richard Evans

  • Craig Hay will be the new Witbank measurer to replace Dave Martinson.

Nationals 2023 Date and Venue

  • DAC was unanimously voted as host club for the 2023 Nationals

  • James King raised concerns about wind conditions on the Highveld in March

  • 18-21 March 2023 was unanimously voted as the Nationals date


  • Kai Vennell presented his new database program to the meeting

  • James Ord and Barry Ogalvie raised concerns about compliance to the POPI act. Kai set these concerns to rest

  • James King pointed out that Kai has offered this system to the class free of charge.

  • The meeting unanimously agreed to adopt Kai’s program

Class Subscriptions

  • Jessica Rossouw pointed to the fact that the class in 2019 had adopted a resolution to charge R300 per member that the committee had changed that to R150 considering the COVID years.

  • The meeting unanimously agreed to keep the fees at R150 for the next year

  • It was agreed that boat owners and Skippers need to be members, but all interested Hunter people should pay their subs

The Communally owned Hunters (Club and SAS owned boats)

  • James King made the point that these types of ownership schemes do not work and encouraged clubs to find other ways of managing these boats


The meeting was adjourned